The Author Marcilynn Horne


      I believe God's Holy Spirit connects with us if we want a relationship with God.  After accepting Jesus as my Savior as a child,  I had no real guidance from adults to help me understand how to grow a relationship with God.   So, years went by, and I ended up putting God in the back of my mind, and did things like most of the world, I did it my way.   As an adult I read the Bible and even other Christian books, went to church then I began to understand more.  I got baptized.  When I started to listen to and act upon things I sensed, in trust of our Heavenly Father, I got more from His Holy Spirit.  He wants to know we have faith. 

       In searching for a way to serve God, I asked Him to be in "The Unseen" series if it is something He wants me to do.  Our world is getting away from God, so our children have no chance to understand a relationship with Him, nor how to build one.  It is my prayer that families can use these books, each with five short stories to grow closer to our awesome, powerful and loving Heavenly Father.  I will keep writing, as long as Father helps me.




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