The Unseen Stories




A Child's View of the Spiritual Realm 


     This is the first book in "The Unseen" series.   The main character, Bobby, is a nine-year-old who tells of things happening in his life as he learns about God.   This book, as each of the books that follow it in the series has five stories.   This one contains:

    " Think Outside the Bowl" - Trys to answer the question where is the spiritual realm?

     "Where's Molly?" - Scripture and his trust in God help Bobby find a lost pet.

     "The Devil Whispers" - Gives an example of how the devil can be found in the negative things people find themselves doing.

     "Taking A Stand Against the Devil's Schemes" - Using God's Word to stay clear of negativity.

     "The Connection" - How to connect with God through prayer.



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How Cool is God!


      This is the second book in The Unseen series.

      Bobby continues on his journey to know more about God.  This one contains:

      "Beyond Our Secret Place" - The power of our awesome God in creation.

      "We Never Get To See Things Like That" - A prayer to have a biblical experience partially answered.

     "Worthy" - There is no superhero like Jesus.

     "It's For The Birds" - Loving God, from our head to our heart. 

     "Don't Look Back" - A journey with God is never ending.



Type in:  How Cool is God or Marcia Horne